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Churches with many walls seem to be built to fall / We build the tallest steeples and forget all the people / If not for fame and fortune what are we / Invisible for all the world to see / A self made god with an ever fading kingdom / Lord take this crown from me and set us free / When the flames consume this ship / I'll bet we all are lost in the worship of ourselves as we slowly sink into the ocean of our wealth and greed / Churches without walls are guaranteed to never fall / Snap the steeple in two / Place your fellow man above you / There's no need to save me from hell / Oh God, just save me from myself.

I stared at the moon and the moon stared back at me / I stared at the sun and now I cant see / I climbed the shortest mountain to take the furthest fall / I took note of every image / But now my imagination is gone / If these are my last words / If this is my last breath / They’ll dissect every part and try to make sense of it / Whether they’re right or wrong my words will carry on / You take what you want / But you want what you don’t have / As we strive for the future / But hold tight to the past / Please know that I love you / But I love myself more / Here’s the shirt off my back / I’m buying the store / Oh god my savior / What a wretch I am to save / The darkness approaches / Lord help me to be brave / Pockets full of silver / Mouth full of gold / Hands covered in dirt / With a buried heart and soul / Oh lord come soon / This all began when I stared at the moon.

I’m so far down and dirty now / Giving new meaning to the dirty south / And this southern man is way too proud / With a heart of stone you can’t break down / Swing low sweet chariot / Take me home I’ve lost my way / Remind me of all I’ve lost / Before I cling to what I’ve gained / I feel I’m neither hot nor cold / I’m lukewarm in the mouth of the Lord / So spit me out and send me straight to hell / Remind me exactly where I fell / I’d drown myself in the river if it meant I could wash myself clean / I’d hammer nails through my hands if it meant I could be set free.

Breathe new life in me / Come and make me new / So I can go my own way and turn my back on you / This is the anthem of the modern church / Not hands and feet of Christ / just mouths of empty words / We started this out of love / Now we’re just businessmen / It’s all so routine / Lost all its meaning / We’re not here to preach / No shoving down the throat / God forbid that they knew we stood for something / We all look the same / But we don’t act much different / How do we expect anyone to listen / Let’s sing a new song and light a fire within / Burn it down / Bid farewell to what we’ve always been.

We are all prisoners to this world / Nothing more than flesh made from its dirt / With no escape in sight all we do is fight / But we’ve grown so tired of the night / It kills me to see your tears every day another reason to fear / But what we fear isn’t very clear / The unknown grips us by the throat / Falling to our knees / There must be something more / I’ve searched the seven seas / And come back oh so bored / Give me freedom or a war to fight for it / I can’t be ruled by this / Weight of the world cannot hold me down / Such a seductive kiss followed by emptiness unbound / I’d rather fight a war with purpose than live with meaningless peace.


released March 20, 2012

All songs written and performed by The Tug Fork River Band

Recorded at Threshold Studios

Artwork by Justin Foxworth



all rights reserved


The Tug Fork River Band Indianapolis, Indiana

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