No Hope For Man

by The Tug Fork River Band

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to the wilderness dead / cut my heart wide open / my veins so cold and frozen / heart of stone and so alone / until those words were spoken / to the wilderness dead / without a grave / unknell'd, uncoffin'd, and unknown / we find no rest or peace beneath these nameless stones / the weight of it all / is so much to bear / hard to find somebody who really cares / as we march on to the tune of our broken song / with bodies torn apart beyond repair / oh how the sickness spreads

a creation made of mud / born to spill one's blood / consumed by a flood / and when it all subsides / the dog returns to its vomit / and he will rest upon it / embracing all its toxins / become one with the flies / no hope for man / there must be a sacrifice / lest our souls be damned / only wrath in God's eyes / now behold the lamb / slain for all to see / amidst all the flames / arise / we begged for a throne / to save us from our woes / but corruption is all we know / every kingdom crumbles / we always have the answer / solutions spread like cancer / our leaders throw their hands up / as prideful men are humbled / off in the distance / I can see their white flags / a world brought to its knees / false hope for man will cease

how quickly we forget / the very reason we have breath / until we're awakened by death / and life takes its final rest / oh you who are asleep / come awake and rise with me / set sail on virgin seas / and never fear the oceans deep / there are so many roads / that lead everywhere but home / we kick against the goads / and hope that we can find our own / he said take heart / for we shall not depart / hold on to your faith til the end

they all die / it's all disease and darkness / poison runs through my veins / loosens the tongue / blinds the eyes / clenches the fists / while the heart slowly dies / no longer innocent / we are far beyond that now / the king of everything / is such a fool to the crown / I built an alter and a throne / I left everyone alone / this crown reads king of me / this freedom feels like slavery / I am my own king / and I'm the slave to the crown I am the slave / I am the king / I am so praised / by the songs I sing / here I am Lord / here I am on bended knee / face to the ground / bow down

rev up the engine / of a broken down car / my life's been placed on cinder blocks / I tore the wheels off of it / some years ago / and now rust eats away / at all I know / pour me up some gasoline / let's make a toast to coming clean / a line's been drawn in the sand / I can't control my mind if I can't control my hand / glass been busted out / leakin every fluid / I'd love to hit the highway / but I got no way to do it / the road is just a dream / junkyard reality / parts spread out for all to see / mind deteriorates / the body wastes away / my search for freedom / has brought me to this place / and I just wanna go home / if we can't live together / then we're gonna die alone

oh God I feel so worthless / lost sense of time and purpose / I feel so weak and alone / trapped in this cage of skin and bones / these skin and bones / my broken home / see how they dance / with their greed fed poles / as their wealth spills on the floor / black birds above sing nevermore / I take her hand and walk through the door / there is no end in sight / seem to have lost the will to fight / can't see past the darkest night / losing faith in the promise of light / just like ten thousand times before / and for all I know I'll walk on through ten thousand more / as my face drowns in my hands / that's when she reaches out again / I rip my heart out of my chest / with the biggest smile cause there's nothing left / nothing to follow nor trust in me / that god is dead / now watch him bleed / and may the one true God set me free

breathe into me now / I'm beaten / my hands are bound / no place to call home / never felt so alone / heart beats with false hope / sand castle built on the shore / like a child I believed / as the waves killed my king / the undertow bagged up my hopes / and took them to the ocean floor / left them there to be explored / by creatures known long before / they plot and scheme the end of man / close to completing the master plan / I can hear them laughing at night / as the stars fall from the sky / no place to run / no place to hide / my face collides with wave filled tide / the lamb has come / all the hail the Christ / a world undone / but we shall rise / above the waves that killed our king / we are the children who believed / so God just breathe into me now


released July 2, 2013



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The Tug Fork River Band Indianapolis, Indiana

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